Friday, June 5, 2015


Today is the day where people around the globe wear their #FACEIT shirts with pride knowing that they are united together for a purpose- to let others know that no one is left untouched by mental illness and addiction. Whether you yourself are affected or someone you know- mental illness and addiction is very much a part of today's society. It is said to be that 1 in 5 people struggle with mental illness however, I believe it to be more like 1 in 4 due to the stigma and shame associated with the illness which makes people shy away from getting the help they need.

As we all know, there is more strength in numbers no matter what we are doing- building a house to building a movement across the globe. So today, we unite together as one- not only to reduce stigma but also to help people know that they are not alone and nor do they have to struggle in silence. Today, we #FACEIT and stand up to the shame associated with mental illness and addiction- admitting that we are the face of mental illness and addiction, whether we are directly or indirectly affected. There should be no shame in suffering, so today we advocate for change on how others think and act towards people who struggle with a mental health condition. Mental illness is no different than a physical illness and it should be treated no differently. Society has come a long way in helping to normalize mental health from what it was but there is still lots of work to be done and distance to travel yet. This is where people like you and I come into play!

If you want to learn more about #FACEIT, you can go to their website or their Twitter page and learn how you can be a part of the movement to help reduce stigma surrounding mental illness and addictions.

There are many other opportunities to be a part of the mental health movement out there as well. You can check within your area for opportunities- either join in or create your own and get others on board. Also, an excellent way to be a part of a national or global movement is to check the internet to see what is out there to volunteer with. A great Canadian based organization that I can say I am proud to be a part of is Partners for Mental Health. Their goal is to change the way we think, act, and treat mental health. Volunteering for something you believe in not only benefits others but it also empowers your own life with knowing what you are capable of doing while making a difference. Volunteer today to change the world for the better!

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