Sunday, July 20, 2014

Youth Mental Health Matters In Nova Scotia.

Hey there everyone! I was recently speaking with someone from a research group regarding youth mental health here in Nova Scotia and figured that I would pass on the information that I received to my readers who are within the area and want to make a difference. Youth mental health is very near and dear to my heart as I started to show signs of depression at the age of 13 and struggled throughout my teens. So, anything that will hopefully make it easier for future generations then I will gladly support so that perhaps youth will not have to suffer as much as what I did.

So, here is the information below:

This group who is conducting the study is doing so on behalf of Nova Scotia's Department of Health and Wellness.The study is examining why some youth do not seek help for their mental health concerns or perhaps do not get help as quickly as they should. They hope they can use the information to help them make a social marketing campaign that will help with reducing the stigma that youth face surrounding mental health. So, with less stigma, youth will hopefully feel more at ease at seeking treatment and getting help before things get worse. Stigma gets in the way a lot of times when seeking help and the more we work together at trying to reduce it, the better!

This research team will be putting together focus groups for a few different groups of people. All focus groups will be done in person. These groups include the following:

- Parents of youth who may be struggling with mental health concerns who live in the rural areas
- Educators who work with youth in both the rural areas as well as the HRM
- Front line workers (aka. health professionals) who are in the HRM area
- Peers (friends) of youth who may be struggling with mental health concerns who live within the HRM area

Also, they want to speak with youth themselves who are affected by mental health concerns. It would take place as one on one interviews either in person or on the telephone. They are looking for youth between the ages of 15 to 24 from both rural areas as well as the HRM. Anyone who has went to get treatment or not sought treatment for their mental health concerns is who they are looking to interview.

All information that they receive will be treated as confidential and only will report it in combination with results of others that were interviewed. So, in other words, things will be lumped together so that no one will know who it was that was interviewed. They will not be asking for any information of a personal nature, so this also helps to keep the information blinded in a sense.

So, you are now asking me, "If I take part in this survey, what's in it for me?". Well, I have SUPER fantastic news for you. If you contact the person who is in charge of this part of the study and you answer a few questions to see if you qualify, then you may be eligible to receive $75 as a thank you for your time. How sweet is THAT! That sounds super sweet to me. So, you are not only getting benefit for your time (60-90 minutes), you are also helping your future generation by contributing to help reduce the stigma that comes from seeking help from mental health concerns. There is a lot of stigma out there, hence why Partners for Mental Health brought out their BULLS#!T campaign for the same age group, 15-24. Together, we will change how people view mental health and mental illness so that people can get help quicker!

So, if you would like to be a part of this study that I talked about above then below is the contact information to the person who is doing the interviews. :)


**I was just informed that they have enough people who have responded within the rural areas. Now they are looking for people JUST in the HRM area who are either peers of youth who may be struggling with a mental health concern to take part in focus groups or youth who are affected with mental health concerns for interviews**

Please contact:

Lindsay Bryson
Phone: 902-422-9243

I hope that you can be a part of this great opportunity.


  1. Great information. Can you spread on Facebook & twitter. I live in Australia & found your insight illuminating; & yes I have tried killing myself
    Good luck <3

    1. Hi there Jen, thanks for your comment. I currently choose not to have a FB account but I use Twitter as a way to reduce stigma pertaining to mental health/ illness. Feel free to look me up sometime. Keep being strong and brave, fight even though days may seem rather dreary and dreadful. Blessings.