Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stand Up for Whats Right

I have always believed that no matter what, no matter how popular one will be, that standing up for what is right is the most important thing that one can do. Even if this means that it goes against the grain of what other people think and believe. Then again, I have never been the most popular person in my circle when I have chosen to do this and take a stand.

Even there are times that against adversity one must stand up for what one believes... even when it is not at all popular or what others believe is right. If I have to stand up against a mental health inpatient ward and take a stand to get the treatment that I need then I will by all means do so. Sometimes paving the way for others means not being the most popular person around for a period of time. I will do anything when it comes to paving the way with regards to mental health care in my community and my province so that other people will get better access to treatment.

In my town, our mental health care is a lot better then other places however there is always need for improvement and change hence why I continue to focus and fight for this to occur. We always have room for improvement and change no matter what we are looking at.

Will you be the change that your community needs to see with regards to mental health care services? We need champions everywhere to carry the torch that needs to be carried!

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