Monday, November 12, 2012

If the Mood Fits... Wear it

Partners for Mental Health and The Bay have teamed up to bring you this new exciting opportunity. Not only do you get an awesome mood ring but a portion of your purchase helps support a great organization who's job is help normalize and reduce stigma that surrounds mental health. This is a pretty sweet deal because you get something awesome- BLING BLING- and Partners for Mental Health gets to further the work that they are doing. You benefit- they benefit... win win situation here guys! Besides, its really cheap to get one- $10... that's right... TEN DOLLARS!

So how can you get one? The Bay carries them in some stores. Many, however do not have them in stock so the best bet is to get one online. The stores that DO carry them are as follows:

- Queen St., Downtown Toronto
- Montreal Downtown
- Vancouver Downtown
- Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Toronto
- Southgate Centre, Edmonton
- Bloor and Yonge, Toronto
- Calgary Downtown
- Sherway Gardens, Toronto
- Calgary Market Mall, Calgary
- Fairview Pointe-Claire, Montreal
- Rideau Centre, Ottawa
- Oakridge Mall, Vancouver
- Scarborough Mall, Toronto
If you live anywhere in between or on the East Coast like myself and there is no The Bay store near that carries them, then online is always an option: 
I am patiently waiting for my mood ring to come in the mail. I will be sure to update and post pictures once it comes.

This is such an exciting way to raise awareness and get people to start dialoging about their mental health. Together we can help normalize mental illness! Buy one today as there is only so many available. If you do not wear jewelry then buy one for a friend as it supports a great cause!

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