Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday- hitting the town in ORANGE!

Stiggy, the elephant in the room
Monday is the day in which I decided to hit the town with Mental Illness Awareness Week materials. I went around to a few places in my community handing out bookmarks, story blurbs, and bracelets. The response I got was great- people were interested in putting out the materials to the public. I chose places where people in the community would go for support- whether it be Hospice, Psychiatrist offices, Woman's Resource Centre, United Way, or Mental Health Services at the hospital. I had connections with all of these places so I knew that they would be more then willing to promote the event.

I was able to give away an upward of 70 of each materials away. I found that people were very interested in the bracelets and a lot of the people who worked at these places put one on right away to show support. This truly was a great thing to see- people supporting a cause that they believe in.

I also had a request if I had any posters to give away as they wanted to put them up in their window. I did not have any on me however I was able to get some quite quickly. I was thrilled to be asked for posters as it shows that someone else wants to support Mental Illness Awareness Week in the community and have it displayed in their windows for the public to see. Awesome feeling overall. What a great day of promoting!


  1. Wow, it is amazing all that you do to promote MIAW!
    Me, I am just not good enought right now to do all that... I am feeling so bad about it.

  2. Chantal- You have promoted enough- you are one of the Faces. This in and of itself is a great accomplishment. I bet you have made your appearance in lot of places this week- that would be tiring. Your face is in several different places- so you are indeed promoting it with your smiling face- even in Truro NS! You are across Canada!